Monday, January 7, 2013

Whole 30: Day 6

Whole 30:  Day 6

Breakfast:  eggs, salmon, sweet potato wedges, strawberries
Lunch:  nothing
Dinner:  steak, fish, salad, sautéed spinach, tomatoes
Snack:  pistachios

Today was a great day!  It was great because I was actually able to experience the difference in the way my body processes food when I eat really clean.  My normal grazing (which included yogurt, granola bars and other “healthy” snacks) required me to eat every 3 – 4 hours or I would risk a migraine.  I would never do as I did today and go almost 8 hours between meals!  I was even amazed at how good I felt.

I should explain that it was never my intention to go that long without food.  But I must have realized subconsciously that it would be a busy day because I ate a huge breakfast. My plan was to mix leftover salmon in with my scrambled eggs but the salmon created quite a bit of oil when I flaked and heated it so I drained the excess oil (yeah, I know it’s good fat but it was a bit too fishy for me at breakfast time) and ate the salmon as a side dish.

Then my husband and I went to his new office to take care of some business for his upcoming opening.  We kept thinking we were reaching a stopping point but we were being super productive.  Before we realized it, it was 5pm!    Ravenous, we decided to go directly to a restaurant for a really good meal and to celebrate our progress.

We order caprese salad as an appetizer which translated into tomatoes and basil for me since I skipped the mozzarella.  The meal came with a salad but I asked them to hold the dressing and bring oil and vinegar.

He ordered wahoo and I ordered steak.  We shared our entrees so we could have a sort of surf and turf.

The food was phenomenal even though I cannot remember having a great steak without an accompanying glass of equally great red wine.  I almost gave in but then gave myself the “man up!” talk and settled on a cool glass of agua.  I also asked for a side of sauteed spinach which was cooked with olive oil, salt, and lemon juice - can you say awesome!

Day 6 done!

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