Sunday, July 21, 2013

Whirlwind Week

Sometimes I feel like I travel more by plane than by car.  Even though this past week was technically a “work from home” week for me, I managed to travel to/through at least 3 airports.

Actually, last weekend’s travel was for pleasure since I went to visit a close friend and her gorgeous newborn.  It was also a mini reunion of sorts since a couple of other friends from business school met me there.  It’s always great to spend time with some of my favorite peeps. 

We all met up in Charlotte on Friday night and started off Saturday with a super hard spinning class at Flywheel.  Ten minutes into the 60 minute class, we were looking at each other like WTH have we gotten ourselves into?!  This is from two women who do Crossfit, marathons, and any other challenging activity. 

Luckily, we stopped by a fantastic juice bar prior to class and each had an amazing juice blend or we would have both been on the floor.  After class, we met up with our two other girlfriends for lunch, laughter, and wine (of course!)

Fast forward through the flight home,  a great Sunday afternoon with the family and a kickoff to a week of working from my home office.  That is, until I received a request to fly to Kansas City for an impromptu presentation.

Wednesday was a whirlwind of travel, brainstorming with execs from company, meeting with a new client, and more travel.  It was an exhausting but productive day especially since I had connecting flights both ways.  Thank goodness I know where the good restaurants are in the major aiports.  I stopped at Cafe Intermezzo in Atlanta for a veggie omelet for breakfast.

And Beaudevin in Charlotte for a Greek chicken salad on my way back home.
The rest of the week was business as usual and I am especially proud to report that I was able to squeeze in 5 days of Crossfit between Monday and Saturday.  Maybe a bit excessive but it does wonders for my stress level!  The great thing about Crossfit is that the workouts are always challenging and my gym/box feels like home. 

On to the next one….

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