Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cassia treatments

Florida sun can be brutal on skin and hair. Add twice a week swim team practices and weekly swim meets and you have a recipe for some pretty dry hair. My daughter swam (both in the pool and at the beach) all summer long and I was diligent about co-washing and moisturizing her hair. However, I still thought her hair needed a little extra loving care at the end of the summer so I applied a cassia treatment. I didn’t want to use henna because the ends of her hair are pretty light and I didn’t want to risk having them turn bright red.

Cassia is sometimes referred to as neutral henna (though that is actually a misnomer) and provides many of the same benefits as a henna treatment. It is a deep conditioner that strengthens the hair and adds shine.

I bought my cassia from Butters – N – Bars and mixed it with warm water to form a loose paste. I applied it to my daughter’s hair and left it on for about an hour. It rinsed out pretty easily with warm water and Hello Hydration conditioner.

Afterwards, her hair felt soft and the edges (which had been lightened by chlorine) have a slight golden glow that I tried to capture in a picture. It is not really pronounced on the photo but you can definitely see it in person, especially in the sun.

I plan to do monthly cassia treatments on her hair as a strengthening deep conditioner.

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  1. I've been using henna, but haven't tried cassia yet. Since it works in a similar fashion, minus the reddish coloring, I will give it a try. Thanks!