Sunday, August 29, 2010

Body Basics/Healthy Food: Cooking With Wine

Ever wondered what to do with a bottle of wine that you knew you were not going to finish? I used to just pour it down the drain if I knew my hubby and I weren’t planning on drinking it within a day or two. It seemed that no matter what preservation technique we used, the wine just didn’t taste the same after several days.

Recently, I came up with a money-saving use for leftover wine. Freeze it! Not to drink but to use it cooking. The wine I drink is of much better quality than the cooking wines in the grocery store and maintains its flavor when frozen within a day or so of opening. When I am cooking a dish that calls for wine (like my pasta sauce) then I simply throw in a cube of frozen wine. Voila! Instant flavor. No waste!


  1. That is so genius!! I cannot believe I never thought of that!!

    Discovered your blog via Wonder Curl, and I am really enjoying it!

    Peace from Brooklyn!