Friday, September 17, 2010

Cutting Expenses

Saving money does not always have to be the result of a detailed, time-consuming plan. Sometime, it can be as simple as picking up the phone.

During a peculiar incidence of late night insomnia, I was watching Suze Orman re-runs (for some reason I never watch the actual show). She was giving a caller advice about cutting all of her expenses by 20%. I thought to myself, “easier said than done”. However, sometimes it really is just that easy.

The next day, I called up my trusty cable company to discuss the ridiculous price of our cable, internet, and telephone package. I was totally prepared to leave the cable company and go back to the phone company for the same services.

It was surprisingly easy to get them give me a “special” which cut my bill by $41 – a little over 20% . Hmmmm…..who can I negotiate with next?

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